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Sadly at the moment the product is not licenced outside of UK & Europe. 


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About Us

Sam & Richard Maxwell

Founders of the Brand Max- Gut Health

We have been in the Problem horse business for over 25 years, in that time I have researched and learned so much about horse behaviour and why it changes. 

This product for many horses has been a game changer. A healthy gut leads to a healthy horse. 

Why Choose Us?

Healthy Gut - Healthy Horse, Sensibly priced. 

Problem horses that are fine one day and then not so much the next with no outward signs of any issues, for me where still trying to tell us something. 

After much research I soon discovered that problems in the gut, in particular the hind gut could cause so many issues. Once there is an acidosis issue in the hind gut the knock on effect can be quite huge, from showing hot behaviour, spooky behaviour, not looking quite right on the right hind, colic, tying up, (as the acidosis ends up in the blood, muscles and joints), loss of condition, loss of quality muscle. The list is endless and I would encourage you to research acidosis in horses. 

I came across this product quite by accident, after trialling it with my own horses and clients horses I was so impressed with the feed back that I knew I had to find away of getting it to the horse owner. 

That is how Max Gut Health came to be. we are still continuing to see amazing results. 

This product does NOT replace veterinary treatments, but will support their use. 

This product can help with the above issues if they are gut related and NOT another issue. 

The company that researched and manufatured this product is a world leading supplement company. 

Joanne Branch

My mare suffered with uncomfortable gut issues, my trainer recommended Max gut health and it was a real game changer. She’s been on this for about 3/4 months and she’s much healthier and happy without gut issues.

Thankyou Max gut health you’ve made a real impact.

Joanne & Ace 

My mare is as good as gold but has always had a sensitive stomach which has been evident in her droppings, especially on those horrible winter days when I wasn't able to turn out. I started using Max Gut a few months ago after a friends horse showed some amazing results having been on it and I can honestly say I have never been so pleased with a product! It truly works! Not only has it helped her sensitive tummy but she became more willing when schooling, which before was a chore for the both of us. She has also stayed in great condition muscle wise over the winter despite only being in light work and on a strict diet!

I have now taken on another pony as a summer project and there was no hesitation, she has gone straight onto it and will remain on it whilst I have her!



Hi guys I have an ex racer tb who always looses weight in the winter , he has always had issues when he comes in from the grass at the end of summer . I have had treatment from vet for his ulcers but he usually needs at least two courses over winter and he just goes so thin . This winter he has been having the gut health since Christmas and he hasn't any flare ups and he hasn't lost as much weight he is at least 15-20 kgs heavier than he was at the end of last winter and looks so much better . I would definitely recommend this product and will be using it again with him and my other horse. 

Pauline Steele

Cosmos 15.1 welsh section D competing elementary training medium at home.

Cos is prone to ulcers which is treated with omeprazole and I wanted to try a gut supplement that would help without using gastroguard.

Cos has been on this for 2 1/2 months and his way of going has changed hugely. I have a willing, calm horse who is so much happier in himself.

Highly recommend this product x

Jade Hatfield


Although we are are an online store, you can still collect in person. 

We use a courier to send your orders, orders received Monday to Thursday upto 1pm will be delivered over night, orders after 1pm Thursday will be delivered on the Monday 

Max Gut Health

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